AJHorn7 Update-History

AJHorn is, like any other software, subject to a constant adjustment process. Changes on the part of the operating system or the computer architecture or the overlooked interception of input errors lead to execution problems which in some cases only arise on the customer computer. We endeavor to test the software on various computers and operating systems in order to rule out possible sources of error. The changes to AJHorn7 since the first delivery are documented below. Many thanks also to the users for the support. AJHorn7 licensees are entitled to a free web update to the current AJHorn7 version in the first year after purchase. When you would like an update, please contact us informally.

Date Change
09-22-2019 Message when horn length = 0 and Absorber Chamber available.
10-04-2019 Crash prevented due to the too late interception of the "Horn length" field.
10-06-2019 Acoustic impedance multiplies when room position is changed from e.g. "free" to "floor" corrected.
11-22-2019 Graphic errors in the simulation of older projects (line across the graphs) fixed.
01-17-2020 The current file name is displayed as a suggestion in the "Save as ..." dialog.
01-28-2020 Minimum sketch window size set. Pixel error of the color selection button corrected.
02-21-2020 Message when horn length = 0 and Extra Tunnel available.
Additional check of the input values ​​by clicking on "Start".
The "Delete graphs" button is only activated after the first simulation.
02-22-2020 Interception of incorrect entries in the Axes->Options field.